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What are the main problems of General screen printing products?
Dec 02, 2017

1, foreign body: after silk screen, the coating attached to dust, punctate or filiform foreign body.

2, exposed: due to the silk printing is too thin, expose the ground.

3, Missing printing: No silk screen printing on the position required.

4, fuzzy / broken; screen printing imperfect silk screen lines and patterns uneven thickness, blurred, the word lines are not connected locally.

5, non-uniform screen printing thickness: Due to improper screen printing, cause the screen printing layers of dot-line or pattern uneven.

6, Dislocation: Due to the silk screen location is not allowed, silk screen bit offset.

7, poor adhesion: silk screen coating adhesion is not enough, can be eliminated by 3M tape.

8, pinhole: the surface of the coating can see needle-like eyelets.

9, scratches / scratches: poor protection after silk screen

10, variegated / stains: non-screen printing color attached to the screen surface.

11, color: compared with the standard color swatch deviation.


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