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What are the requirements for cosmetic packaging?
Dec 01, 2017

cosmetic bottle

Bottle should be smooth, smooth surface, bottle wall thickness is basically uniform, no significant scarring, deformation, there should be no cold burst and cracks. Bottle should be correct, smooth, there should be no burr (burr), thread, bayonet with the structure intact, correct. Bottle and lid with the tight, no sliding teeth, loose, no leakage. Bottle inside and outside should be clean.


(1) Inner cover: Inner cover should be complete, smooth, clean, no deformation. Inner cover and bottle and cover with the well. Inner lid should not leak.

(2) Outer cover: Outer cover should be correct, smooth, no broken, crack, burr (burr). Cover color should be uniform. Outer cover thread with the structure should be intact. Plus electrified aluminum or bronzing cover color should be uniform. Clamshell cover should be flipped flexible, no fracture of the connection site. Cover with the bottle should be closely, no sliding teeth, loose.


Nozzle should be correct, clean, no damage and cracks phenomenon. Nozzle assembly of the components should be intact, to ensure smooth spray.



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