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What are the technical characteristics of PC?
Apr 16, 2018

What are the technical characteristics of PC?

PC has a high viscosity, high melting temperature and poor fluidity, so it must be injected at a high temperature (between 270-320 degrees C), and the temperature adjustment range is relatively narrow, and the process is not as good as PMMA. Injection pressure has little effect on fluidity, but because of its large viscosity, injection pressure is still greater. Accordingly, in order to prevent internal stress, the holding time is as short as possible.

The shrinkage rate is large and the size is stable, but the internal stress of the product is large and easy to crack. Therefore, it is appropriate to improve the fluidity by increasing the temperature instead of pressure, and the possibility of reducing the cracking is to improve the mold temperature, improve the die structure and post treatment. When the injection speed is low, the gate is prone to corrugation and other defects. The temperature of the nozzle should be controlled separately, the mold temperature is high, and the resistance of runner and gate is small.



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