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What are the technical characteristics of PMMA?
Apr 16, 2018

What are the technical characteristics of PMMA?

The viscosity of PMMA is large and the fluidity is slightly poor. Therefore, high injection temperature and injection pressure must be injected. The injection temperature is more affected than the injection pressure, but the injection pressure is improved, which is beneficial to improve the shrinkage of the product.

The injection temperature range is wide, the melting temperature is 160 degrees, and the decomposition temperature reaches 270 degrees. Therefore, the material temperature regulation range is wide, and the process is good. Therefore, it is possible to improve the fluidity from the injection temperature. The impact is poor, the wear resistance is not good, the flower is easy to cut and the crack is brittle. Therefore, the mold temperature should be increased, the condensation process should be improved, and the defects could be overcome.



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