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What are the types of cosmetic packaging design?
Dec 04, 2017

To cosmetics material, shape and Suitability of packaging of the points to the main can be divided into the following three categories:

1.Solid, solid cosmetics eyebrow pencil, powder, and various types of lipstick. Solid cosmetic packaging is relatively simple, more use of boxed, or pen design.

2. Solid powder (granular), such cosmetics are mainly powder, powder and other powdered products, frequently used design arepaper box (round or square), metal boxes, plastic boxes, glass bottles (wide mouth or Shut), composite materials and so on. The packaging of such containers are generally more delicate and beautiful, in plastic or metal packaging, but also with the outer paper packaging.

3. Liquid, mainly including liquid and paste cosmetics, in all cosmetic categories, the largest number of such cosmetics, the largest proportion.This type of cosmetic packaging and design is very many, there are metal bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags and so on.


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