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what else printing there are? let us read it
Aug 23, 2018

Roll Label Printing
Printed roll labels are ideal for products with a lot of information and description to show. It's run on flexo printers and the
graphic and artwork can be printed in full color with various material such as metallic, craft, clear, water proof labels. It's less costly than sink screen printing and suitable for large quantity orders. 

Shrink Sleeve Printing 
Another alternative for label printing is shrink sleeve printing which is used for custom shaped containers. It features full coverage to match the containers' forms. Like label printing, the artwork can be printed in full color with partially see through option. And, it's suitable for large quantity orders. 

In-Mold Labeling
In mold labeling is fused to the container as it is being molded, eliminating direct printing or a separate label application process in the production line. In-Mold Labeling and Decorating provides your labels with permanence, durability and flexibility. It provides safety messaging and decoration that won’t fall off and can’t be removed by the end-user. It lasts the lifetime of the products and stands up to harsh chemical exposure. 

Heat Press Printing
Also called hear transferring, it's ideal for artworks with complex graphics, images and colors. We can print up to 6 colors including metallic gold and silver. It features full coverage onto custom shaped containers and it's 100% water proof and unremovable.

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