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what is film?How to make a proof?
Apr 03, 2018

what is film?How to make a proof?

1, film proofing is also a commonly used printing process used to check the chromatic aberration between printed matter and customer samples. It is also known as film. Film is the film used for printing. It can also be called the negatives in printing plate making. The English name Film is similar to that of the traditional camera.

2, the pattern printing machine can be modeled as the whole process, the sample is out through each printing step out, so the sample color value is completely equivalent to the customer sample color value, can reach more than 80% similarity, compared with digital proofing, the pattern is closer to the sample.

3, but the cost of the film is much more expensive than the digital sample, and if the printed text, pictures, and color changes, then the corresponding film can only be abolished.

4, therefore, in the case of film proofing, we should first make the digital manuscript, let the customer confirm the typesetting content, confirm no error, and do the proofing again.

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