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What is the basic structure of the lipstick tube?
Dec 01, 2017

Common lipstick packaging mainly by the lid, the bottom and the core of the three main components.

Commonly used plastic materials on the cover bottom, including AS, ABS. 

AS are commonly used in transparent cover and high surface brightness products.

ABS is due to its good secondary processing performance, to facilitate subsequent coating, bronzing, thermal transfer and other processing technology .  

Aluminum materials are divided according to the aluminum content of aluminum, aluminum and its hardness. 

In the actual production will be based on product quality and surface treatment requirements for the proper selection.

Cover and bottom of the appearance of different brands, design is also ever-changing to convey brand characteristics in order to attract consumers, but for the main function of the core, because of its development and validation of a long period of time, the mold cost into a larger, so the general structure More stable, usually large lipstick package manufacturers have multiple specifications of the core beam for customer selection, high versatility.



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