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What is the cosmetic tube?
Jan 11, 2018

The cosmetic tube is made from PE plastic, aluminum foil, plastic film and other materials based composite processes made by extrusion sheet, and a packing container tube machine processed into tubular special hose, has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry, durable, easy to Recyclable, squeeze, processing performance and printing adaptability well, by many cosmetics production enterprises.

Do the hose pipe, tube, transparent colored colored or transparent matte, Pearl (pearl powder, pearl silver tube, scattered gold and Pearl), UV, Matt and glossy, matte seemingly elegant but dirty, different colored tube and tube body of large area printing, can be judged from the incision of the tail the incision for white, large area printing ink tube, high requirements, otherwise easy to fall off and break after cracking and exposing the white mark.

Cosmetic tube are usually contains Paste or semi ointment, and our aluminum cans can also be contained, welcome to buy our new products.



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