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What is the meaning and purpose of cosmetic packaging?
Feb 01, 2018

The main purpose of a container is to store the product so that it is not degraded through storage, shipping and handling.Degradation and damage can be caused by various causes. These causes can be categorized into biological, chemical, thermal causes, damage caused by radiation and damage caused by human interaction, by electric sources or by pressure.

In addition to protecting the product, packaging also play a big role marketing cosmetic products. While product quality is a major factor in the product's success, its packaging must be attractive since that's the essence of beauty marketing. Package design must capture the imagination and be associated with enhancing appearance. One of the keys to attractive packaging is artistic use of colors. Most relevant for the marketer is the outer secondary packaging. However, there are cosmetics which are distributed in one single cosmetic container.

We have provided you with all kinds of cosmetic packing containers, such as skin cream jar, face cream jar, cosmetic jar.



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