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What is the most safe material for skin care packaging?
Feb 07, 2018

The bottle of the emulsion can have many different materials - glass, plastic, hose and metal.

Which kind of packing material is the safest? At first glance, there are many kinds of packaging materials on the market, excluding the material of paper,  mainly containing the three kinds of materials, such as plastic, glass and metal. The most used is plastic, the proportion is up to 80%, the glass is second, only 8%.

And how much it does not mean that plastic is more suitable for filling up. The main reason is that the change of plastic is high, all sizes, shapes, colors, transparent and opaque can be done. Light weight, easy delivery, good print, recyclable and so on are all the reasons for the choice of plastic containers. The fate of plastic is not heat-resistant, light barrier is not enough, solvent resistance is not good (especially oil). Therefore, the first bottleneck of the plastic container is that it can not be sterilized by high temperature steam, can't wash with water, and can not be sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of the contents, some maintenance items are not suitable for packing in plastic containers.

Compared with plastic, glass material is heat-resistant, light - resistant, and solvent resistant. So, unless the quality of the glass is inferior, the most suitable container is a glass container.

The metal materials have many limitations in the molding style, in cylinder container (bottle), wide mouth bottle (lipstick), filling the skin care products to salve majority, most of the time as the bottle cap, bottle cap and other accessories.



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