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What is the process for gold stamping?
Apr 09, 2018

What is the process for gold stamping?

Bronzing is the process of stamping the electrified aluminum foil to the surface of the substrate under certain temperature and pressure.

Graphic showing anodized hot stamping out strong metallic luster, color dazzlingly beautiful, never fade.

In particular, gold and silver electrified aluminum, with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, embellished the surface of the printed matter, enhanced the artistry of the printing products, and played a prominent theme of publicity effect; its brightness was greatly exceeded the printing and printing of silver, so that the product had a high level of feeling and the enjoyment of beauty.

At the same time, due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of the electrified aluminum, it has played a role in protecting the printing products, so the gold stamping process is widely used in the high-end, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and books and magazines.

Secondly, electrified aluminum stamping range is very wide, from the general book cover, trademark, advertising, plastic products to daily department stores, from paper to leather, cotton cloth, etc., then, hot stamping is a dry processing method, workpiece after hot stamping can be immediately packaged and transported.

Therefore, gold stamping technology is widely used now, and the application range of hot stamping is expanding.



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