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What is the product structure of the emulsion pump?
Jan 08, 2018

The conventional emulsion head often by mouth with / by head, pump column, a lock cover, gasket, cap, pump, pump plug column, a spring, a pump body, glass ball, Straw etc.. According to the structural design requirements of different pumps, the relevant accessories will be different, but their principles are consistent with the final purpose, that is, effective extraction of contents.

Working principle

Manually pressing handle is pressed downwards, the volume of spring cavity decreases, the pressure increases, the spool of the liquid through the hole into the nozzle cavity through the nozzle, the spray out of the liquid, then loosen the pressure handle, the spring chamber volume increases, the formation of negative pressure ball under negative pressure to open the bottle, the liquid enters the spring chamber, then the body there have been some good liquid, and then press the handle when stored in the body in the liquid will be rushing through the nozzle to spray

The difference between the built-in spring and the external spring

External spring, it does not touch the content, will not cause the spring rust and pollution of the content.


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