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What is the structure of the emulsion pump?
Jan 23, 2018

The conventional emulsion head often by mouth with / by head, pump column, a lock cover, gasket, cap, pump, pump plug column, a spring, a pump body, glass ball, Straw etc..

According to the structural design requirements of different pumps, the relevant accessories will be different, but their principles are consistent with the final purpose, that is, effective extraction of contents.

Production process

Most of the accessories of the pump head are mainly made of plastic materials such as PE, PP, LDPE and so on, through injection molding.

Glass beads, springs, gaskets and other accessories, are generally purchased outside.

The main components of the pump head can be applied to electroplating, electrified aluminum cover, spraying, injection molding and so on.

The pump head of the mouth with surface and braces on the surface can be graphic printing, can use gilt / silver, silk screen, printing and other printing processing.




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