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What is the use of cosmetics bottles run out?
Feb 26, 2018

1, small cans of bottles can be used to make paper film, can be used as a container to make essential oils, or contain ear rings, and can also be used as travelling bottle. When traveling, there is no need to spend extra money on the split charging cosmetic bottle.

2, medium (about 50G), split charging a large tank of face cream or body lotion or hand cream to be placed in a unit or a gym.

3,The extra large bottle, especially the glass bottle, can be used to put a long chain necklace, not to buy another jewellery box.

4. The one with the suction tube, put the olive oil or your own compound essential oil in, and drop it out for wipping hands at any time.

5, long thin bottle, such as cosmetic bottles, wash it and insert an exquisite plants, can also be used as a pen container, because the cosmetics bottle design is more delicate, so it is more beautiful than the buying vase, if you do not love the original color, DIY buy some color wipe, absolutely is the one and only.


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