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What is Vacuum Metalizing?
Jan 12, 2018

Vacuum Metalizing, that is, physical vapor deposition (PVD), is the purpose of coating the atom onto the surface of the target under a vacuum. It was first applied to optical lenses, such as nautical telescope lenses. With the improvement of technology, it has been extended to decorative coatings, surface modification of materials such as discs, discs, discs, cell phones, mechanical tools and other materials.

Applicable materials

Almost all metals, alloys, and ceramic materials.

Natural materials will affect the vacuum environment and are not suitable for vacuum electroplating.

In addition to natural materials, materials suitable for vacuum plating include metal materials, soft and hard plastics (ABS, ABS+PC, PC, etc.), composites, ceramics and glass.

The most commonly used surface treatment for vacuum electroplating is aluminum, then silver and copper.

We have a lot of technology for reference, such as silk screen printing, embossing, grinding, drawing, painting and so on.




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