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What's the difference between UV printing and screen printing in the process?
Mar 19, 2018

Glass screen printing is made according to the customer's drawing. When printing, the ink is transferred to the glass through the mesh part of the picture part to form the same pattern as the original manuscript.

Screen printing plate is printed to film with a pattern drawn by a computer, and then made with the film and the photoreceptor.

The text and pattern can be changed, must use special ink.

UV printing is also called inkjet printing. First, it is drafting on the computer side, and then prints the required pattern by printing the sprinkler. Its printing way is similar to the principle of the ordinary inkjet printer.

The color of screen printing is relatively less, because silk screen glass can only screen one color at a time, and if there are many kinds of screen printing, it is necessary to have multiple screen prints, different screen printing and different colors.

UV printing can be printed out once, do not need to make another network version, only need to draw a computer pattern.

Silk screen glass can not produce a gradual color.

UV printing can print out colorful and beautiful graphics, and the gradient color can be printed out only once.

The adhesion of printing color, screen printing ink at screen printing time will add curing agent to the surface of glass, so that ink can better adsorb on the surface of glass, and will not fall off without using sharp tools to scrape.

Although UV printing will spray a layer of curing agent on the surface of the glass, it will also fall off easily. Especially with the passage of time, the print patterns will fall off layer by layer. This is undoubtedly the Achilles heel of UV printing. There is no better solution at present.


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