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Why can't the cosmetic bottle fill?
Feb 06, 2018

The general liquid, can not be too full, must have a certain gap in the inside.

Leave a little gap inside:

1, in order to avoid the shaking of the time of transportation, it causes the liquid to be pressurized and leak out.

2. The pressure in the bottle is high and the cosmetics are released because of the altitude of different regions.

3. The heat expansion and contraction of the liquid.

4, there are chemical phenols in perfume, which are very volatile, so the half capacity of perfume is 75 to 80%.

It can detect whether the perfume has been sprayed. The first time the new imported perfume is opened, the first time it is sprayed 1-3 times, it can not be sprayed out. After third times, it can be sprayed out, and it is suitable for most perfume.



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