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Why does plastic colour matching products color fade?
Jan 30, 2018

The color fading of plastic products is affected by many factors.

The discoloration of the colored plastic products is related to the light resistance, oxygen resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkaline resistance and the properties of the resin used.

1.The light resistance of the colorant

The light resistance of the colorant directly affects the discoloration of the products. The outdoor products irradiated by strong light, the colorant used for lightfastness (sun-proof ) level is an important index. The light resistant grade is poor, and the product will fade quickly in use.

2.Heat resistance

The thermal stability of the heat-resistant pigment is the degree of weight loss, discoloration and discoloration of the pigment at the processing temperature.


4.acid and alkali resistance

The discoloration of colored plastic products is related to the chemical resistance of the colorants (acid alkali resistance, oxidizing and redox resistance)


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