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Why does the printing color fade in the printing process?
Dec 11, 2017

Occurrence of printing color fades in the printing process, we should pay attention to in the ink ink plate if there is water, dust and incompatible solvents.Because of these things into the ink will not only produce gel, gel after the ink not only reduces the binder content, so that the ink adhesion decreased, and the gel particles easy adhesion pigment in ink pigment distribution caused by uneven roll out, the color fades.

If the whole ink is pale, the quality of the ink is problematic, and the quality of the ink shows the following aspects:

(1)The inks are not thin enough to get on the gravure plate. 

(2)The storage time of the ink is too long.

(3)The diluent is mixed with water, oil and other incompatible solvents.


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