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Why is most of the ladies' cosmetics in glass bottled?
Feb 03, 2018

The usual cosmetic package is basically plastic and glass, and the glass bottle has the following advantages:

1.The feeling of a glass bottle is more advanced than a plastic bottle.

2.More weight, more weight in the hand, feel more material.

3.More stable. Some full oil types of cosmetics are not suitable for plastic bottles, and oil melts plastic. There is no problem in glass bottles.

4.The glass is transparent and can be filled with all transparent, colorful cosmetics. The display effect is better.

5.Another is the problem that the manufacturers are more concerned about. Glass bottles are more convenient and more thorough than plastic bottles. The most simple way to disinfect package material is to wash and bake and sterilize at high temperature. The glass bottle is no problem with washing and baking, because the glass is resistant to high temperature. Plastic bottles can not be high temperature, the heat is changed, washing can not be washed, washed inside all the water. Ozone, ultraviolet disinfection effect is very weak, can only be sent to special agencies to irradiate, not only waste time and increase the cost.



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