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Handmade Fine Cosmetic Bag
Sep 12, 2017

Materials: Kapok Line (yellow, Aqua) 1 groups, cloth (to the edge of the line is [1] good, here is the kitchen cloth), buttons 1, stitches.

1, first use the Afghan needle weaving method to weave two lines of blue color, hook 20-pin plait.

2, then transform the color, with the yellow Line and Blue Line, and then weave two lines. By analogy, each weaving two lines for a second line, weaving 38 rows.

3, on the 39th line, from the 2nd eye at both ends of the needle to start weaving, each end of 1 stitches. The 40th row is the same as the 39th row stitch count.

4, in the 41st line at both ends of the reduction of 1 stitches. Similarly, the 第42-54 line ends each minus 1 stitches. The 54th line is reduced to 4 stitches.

5, cut a piece of cloth with the same size as just now, overlap with the fabric, with the yarn on the needle.

6, and then as shown in the picture, fold. When the part of the bag is stitched, it is sewn in a cross stitch.

7. Sew a buttonhole on the lid and sew the button on the handbag.

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