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Hose Is What, The Hose Detailed Introduction
Sep 12, 2017


1, the hose is divided into Single-layer, Double-layer, five-layer hose, respectively, in the prevention of pressure, penetration and feel, there are differences, such as five-layer tube from the outer layer, the inner, two bonding layer, and another barrier layer. Features: has excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odor gas, while preventing the content of aroma and effective components of exudation.

2, Double-layer tube is more commonly used, is the middle and low can also be used single layer, hose caliber for 13#-60# a variety of caliber, when selected a certain caliber of hose, with different length to mark different capacity characteristics, capacity 3ml-360ml can be adjusted, in order to beautiful coordination, 60ml below commonly used $number caliber, 100ml , 150ml is usually used 35#-45# caliber, 150ml above capacity is required $number above caliber.

3, the process is divided into circular tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube. The flat tube, the ultra flat tube is more complex than other tube processes, also is a new type of tube in recent years, so the price is correspondingly more expensive.

4, the hose cover shape is diverse, generally divides into the flat head cover, the round skull head, high cover, lid, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cap, lipstick lid, plastic cover can also be handled on a variety of processes, bronzing edge, silver edge, colored lid, transparent, fuel injection, electroplating and so on, the tip lid and lipstick cover is usually equipped with internal plug. Hose cover for injection molding, hose for tube, most of the hose manufacturers themselves do not produce hose cover.

5, some products need to be filled after sealing, sealing the tail big to be divided into: straight-line seal, twill seal, umbrella-type sealing, star-point closure, special-shaped sealing tail, at the end of the closure can be required to print at the end of the date code.