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Vacuum Bottle
Sep 12, 2017

At that time he was working on a study to liquefy the gas, gas to liquefy at low temperature, first need to design a gas and the outside temperature of the container, so he asked the glass technician Berg for him to blow a double glass container, two layers of inner wall coated with mercury, and then remove the air between the two layers, forming a vacuum. This kind of vacuum bottle is called "du bottle", can make the liquid in the inside regardless of the cold, the heat temperature all maintain to be invariable for a certain period of time. Because in the family thermos is mainly used for hot water insulation, it is also known as Thermos. The structure of the Thermos flask is not complicated. In the middle of the double glass bottle gall, between the two layers vacuum state, and silver or aluminum, vacuum state can avoid heat convection, glass itself is a bad conductor of heat, silver-plated glass can be the inside of the container outside radiation heat reflection back. Conversely, if the bottle is stored in cold liquid, the bottle can prevent the outside heat from radiating to the bottle.