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What Is The Production Process Of Our Product?
Dec 09, 2017

How is the jar born?                                           __by hooopack

Step1. Mold Starting:

All the products start by the mold,and different types have differentmold,Customization is its feature.


Step2. Aluminum Material:

After the mold is prepared, Aluminum material is necessary, it will be used for the next process.


Step3. Machine Time:

The machine will punch aluminum products according to the mold shape.


Step4. Mechanical polishing:

the products will go through high-speed polishing wheel for rolling and cutting surface polished surface.


Step5. Electrolytic polishing:

Products to be included in the electrolysis by conductive to remove small burrs, surface brightness.


Step6. Electrolytic oxidation:

It makes the product surface oxidation film, and ensure the product more easily coloring.


Step7. coloring:

According to the ratio of pigment, the product in the paint, the time will decide the depth of the color.


Step8. Solid color:

Products to be included in the specific solution, make the product color is not easy to rub off.


Step9. High temperature and high pressure steam hole sealing:

Through this process, improve the corrosion resistance of products, and the stability of the color film, light fastness and weather resistance.


Step10. drying:

The products have to place on a shelf and dry at a fixed time.


Step11. Products printing:

The aluminum parts will send to printing department to do printing,sometimes it needs twice oxidation.


Step12. Product Assemble:

The products parts will be assembled by workers,then become a whole jar and bottle.