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Empty Cosmetic Bottles

Pair our aluminum cosmetic Jars and cosmetic bottles for an elegant solution to packaging facial cream products.

Why do you choose empty cosmetic bottles?

Pair our aluminum cosmetic Jars and cosmetic bottles for an elegant solution to packaging facial cream products.

That is exactly what we aspire to achieve with Cosmetic and Personal Care packaging – the promise of a product which will make the customer look and feel better.


Whats our advantages?

1 High quality serict control

2 Professional efficient team

3 Customizable oem service

4 Advanced equipment



How to produce a empty cosmetic bottle?

——By HoooPack

Step1. Mold Starting: All the products start by the mold,and different types have different mold,Customization is its feature. 

Step2. Aluminum Material: After the mold is prepared, Aluminum material is necessary, it will be used for the next process. 

Step3. Machine Time: The machine will punch aluminum products according to the mold shape. 

Step4. Mechanical polishing: the products will go through high-speed polishing wheel for rolling and cutting surface polished surface. 

Step5. Electrolytic polishing: Products to be included in the electrolysis by conductive to remove small burrs, surface brightness. 

Step6. Electrolytic oxidation: It makes the product surface oxidation film, and ensure the product more easily coloring. 

Step7. coloring: According to the ratio of pigment, the product in the paint, the time will decide the depth of the color. 

Step8. Solid color: Products to be included in the specific solution, make the product color is not easy to rub off. 

Step9. High temperature and high pressure steam hole sealing: Through this process, improve the corrosion resistance of products, and the stability of the color film, light fastness and weather resistance. 

Step10. drying: The products have to place on a shelf and dry at a fixed time. 

Step11. Products printing: The aluminum parts will send to printing department to do printing,sometimes it needs twice oxidation. 

Step12. Product Assemble: The products parts will be assembled by workers,then become a whole jar and bottle.

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