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Why do you choose our cosmetic jar? We supply a Wide Range of Alumium Cosmetic Bottle for Lotions, Creams and Serums.Our Bottles comes with a Wide range of Designs. Low MOQ, Low Price and Less Leadtime. Aluminum shell: light weight,rustless,corrosion resistance,highly polished Glass inner:...

Why do you choose our cosmetic jar?
 We supply a Wide Range of Alumium Cosmetic  Bottle for Lotions, Creams and Serums.Our Bottles comes with a Wide range of  Designs. Low MOQ, Low Price and Less Leadtime.

Aluminum shell: light  weight,rustless,corrosion resistance,highly polished
 Glass inner: sturdy  material,wear-resisting,clean,corrosion resistance
 Sealing Type:screw cap
 Packing:Standard export carton packing


 What is our advantages?
 1Trade assurance suppliers
 2 Support small order
 3 Win win cooperation
 4 Free sample provided

How to produce a jar?
 —By HoooPack

 Step1. Mold Starting:
 All the products start by the mold,and  different types have different mold,Customization is its feature.

 Step2. Aluminum Material:
 After the mold is prepared, Aluminum  material is necessary, it will be used for the next process.

 Step3. Machine Time:
 The machine will punch aluminum products  according to the mold shape.

 Step4. Mechanical polishing:
 the products will go through high-speed  polishing wheel for rolling and cutting surface polished surface.

 Step5. Electrolytic polishing:
 Products to be included in the electrolysis  by conductive to remove small burrs, surface brightness.

 Step6. Electrolytic oxidation:
 It makes the product surface oxidation  film, and ensure the product more easily coloring.

 Step7. coloring:
 According to the ratio of pigment, the  product in the paint, the time will decide the depth of the color.

 Step8. Solid color:
 Products to be included in the specific  solution, make the product color is not easy to rub off.

 Step9. High temperature and high pressure  steam hole sealing:
 Through this process, improve the corrosion  resistance of products, and the stability of the color film, light fastness and  weather resistance.

 Step10. drying:
 The products have to place on a shelf and  dry at a fixed time.

 Step11. Products printing:
 The aluminum parts will send to printing  department to do printing,sometimes it needs twice oxidation.

 Step12. Product Assemble:
 The products parts will be assembled by  workers,then become a whole jar and bottle.


 Jiangyin Hongye aluminum product factory is  one of cosmetic packaging manufactures. we can offer complete  prossing,including punching,injection molding and electrolyzed oxygenating.
 Our main products :new cosmetic packaging,  aluminum cosmetic packaging, cosmetic jar,cosmetic bottle,aluminum cap,airless  bottle,nail polish bottle,skincare packaging and makeup packaging etc.
 Whether you’re launching a new line, or revamping an entire product range, we  have the packaging options to create a cohesive look with major shelf appeal.

Customer Review
 We have been regularly importing Aluminum  Jars from Jiangyin Hongye Aluminum Products Factory, China. They have large  scale infrastructure/capacities.  We find  them as a trustworthy and customer friendly supplier.
 I like their product especially the  service,when I was confused with products,their sales gave me a lot of advice  even in the midnight,they did 24-hours service really.
 ——Mrs.J,director of cosmetic store,USA
 Their jars and bottles look very luxury,our  company had 3 series of product,the aluminum packaging sells very well,we had  cooperated for 4 years,I have to say hooopack is our good partner.
 ——Mr Shen,CEO of Guangzhou Mamintai

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